Stop Dreaming & Start Acting: Halt Your Dreams & Become a Person Who Takes Action

One of the greatest internal challenges people face is the struggle to turn themselves from dreamers to doers. The best evidence for achieving something valuable is the successful transformation of an idea or dream into reality. Most people just need to put in extra effort and transform themselves from dreamers to doers.

Go the extra mile and transform your perspective from that of a dreamer into that of a doer—an achiever: Stop dreaming and start acting—stop talking and start doing!

Don’t only dream about being a writer, start writing. Don’t only dream about being an activist—start some activism. Don’t only dream about being an entrepreneur—launch your entrepreneurship!

Evidence of your real-life story starts where your physical action starts, not only where your dreams or mental actions start and end: evidence plays out when your actions begin to make a difference with your talents and skills and cause a mixture of your ideas and actions to create success.

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Even if tension exists and risks are inevitable, the rewards for your efforts would be great and worthwhile if you stop dreaming and start taking action(s) right now with the resources that are available at this very moment.

Although dreams are powerful and can spark action, they are not good enough if you don’t take action

The process of pursuing a passionate dream can become a farce if you don’t take action. If you are too consumed by your dreams to such an extent that you don’t take action, you could even get lost in your own dream world, and not know the difference between your dream world and reality. Action is the true reality!

Choosing to stay engaged in your dreams, and taking action, are both two different options. The problem with staying engaged with your dreams is that the world around you won’t get changed: reality doesn’t get changed by a dream that is not backed with action, and the world remains the same regardless of how great your dream is without any action to realize it.

Dreams are powerful and can spark something, but it’s only when dreamers take actions, that true transformation and success occurs

If you dream about becoming—for example—a writer, activist, or entrepreneur, then one of the worst things you can do is to hang out all the time and talk about it without ever taking action, or without ever planning to take action.

To change your perspective from a dreamer to a person who takes action, you have to challenge yourself enough to get your dream started with action: halt your dreams and become a person of action

Although certain people have a dream and know their calling, the problem is that they find it hard to get started with action. In fact, they are not just waiting on their calling; their calling is the one actually waiting on them.

Instead of going all out to act and “do it”, they waste their time around by playing the “what-if” game until their motivation becomes exhausted and everything spirals or plummets downwards for bad or the worse. By acting with negligence, and behaving as if their calling is nothing more than a dream, they waste their passion and deprive the world of a gift by not taking action.

Today—in fact, now—is time we can decide to see things with utmost clarity; we don’t have to wait until we get on our deathbeds when each one of us would have to look back on how we spent our lives, especially when we had the opportunity to stop dreaming and start acting, but didn’t.


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