Not All Types of Fear are Bad

Fear has two sides to it. Fear can work as a deterrent, and can also serve as an effective motivator: there are bad types of fear and good types of fear. Generally, not all types of fear are bad.

If we are not careful, we could allow fear to run our lives. Many of us avoid risk because of fear and hope that by avoiding fear we can minimize our chances of failing, and thereby help ourselves move in the right direction of our destinies. We need to know when to avoid fear, and when to make good use of it!

Stephen Hawking: Lived Life to the Fullest Despite His Constraints & Limitations

Our lives are haunted by the ghosts of what could be, or what might have been. No matter the fears we are haunted by, there will always come a crucial moment when we must choose to become something that’s more than a bystander—and this could require us to make good use of fear as a motivator, instead of a deterrent. Crucial moments mostly happen in the mind before they unfold in real life.

If you genuinely feel you have a calling and believe in it, you must be willing to cast away all fear, step out, do what needs to be done, and see what happens: do your best and leave the rest in GOD’s great hands.

So, use fear as a motivator and go out to search for what your calling requires you to search for; if you don’t do so, you will feel unsatisfied and frustrated, especially if you see how other people use fear in a good way to succeed, while you might look at them and think they have luck or some kind of unfair advantage. Don’t allow such thoughts to deceive you.

Although some people might be lucky or born with special privileges, you still have a calling that you need to put all fears aside and answer.


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