What If You Can’t Achieve Your Desires, or Don’t Like What Life Throws at You?

Some people believe they can accomplish whatever they set their hearts on doing. Many people haven’t been able to accomplish what they set their hearts on doing. In the end, though, even a number of the most successful people have realized that getting everything you want doesn’t always attract happiness.

Take a look at the world today: it seems a few people have much more control over their lives than many other people. Regardless of whether you have control over your life, or don’t like what life throws at you, you can control the way you react to any situation; how you react to situations can make a big difference in your life because, generally, life is much more than just getting whatever you want, and accepting whatever life throws at you.

It will be difficult to be your best self if you are fulfilling someone else’s dream instead of chasing your dreams. This is the major reason why more and more people keep on moving from one job or relationship to another, trying their best to find happiness, but failing miserably; quitting one thing for the promise of something better, only to find disappointment in the next job or relationship after discovering that it is more complicated than the one they escaped from.

If we want to be satisfied in all directions, and regardless of whether we achieve our desires or not, we have to rise above the pettiness of our desires, and do what life requires of us. A general sense of fulfillment comes in every direction when we are ready to embrace pain instead of avoiding it.

What determines your fate is not how successful you are at avoiding difficulties, but what you do when they come

It’s quite unfortunate that tragedies are inevitable; it’s so unfortunate that we live in a world where bad things happen to good people, regardless of the good they do, and what they wish for. What determines our destiny is how we react to hardship when it comes. Although pain and suffering can be very intimidating obstacles, they are not strong enough to keep your spirit from achieving its purpose. In fact, pain and suffering can sometimes be powerful catalysts for making great discoveries and helping you see your real purpose in life.


  • Thanks for this. It reminds me that all experience is bittersweet and to want things to be different than what they are in this moment is a fantasy. I never actually know what the future will present, I can be prepared for both challenges and the joy of being alive. Be well.

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  • Excellent blog post! I agree, people think they’ll be happy 😃 once their dreams comes true. In reality, this is a temporary happiness that will pass.
    ‘Real happiness’ comes from dwelling in being (presence).

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    • thank you, Dave… I couldn’t agree more: no matter the achievements we make, the happiness they attract will only be temporary and pass away… at the end of the day, what is the essence of fulfilling the dreams without getting or having real happiness within

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