There is Great Relief in Letting Go of What Could Have Been

It’s a waste of time to continue thinking about what could have been. What could have been does not matter as much as where you presently are, and where you are heading to.

Dwelling on what could have been only holds people back from living fully in the present and moving ahead into the future which is always there for the taking.

Life is full of surprises and will continue to be full of surprises; therefore, it’s of no help fixing your mind on regrets about the past: it’s not useful to try and recover what has been lost when you can gain far more than all that you’ve ever lost.

“What could have happened if…?”. Well, in the eyes of the future, what could have happened doesn’t and wouldn’t matter much. Okay, what about thinking the other way and asking: “what would not have happened if…?”. Now, that’s a completely different question.

Have the mindset of “ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD”. Look for the good that could come out of things if they either happen, or don’t happen.

If some things happen, there might be no new foundations or directions. If some things don’t happen, we might not be able to learn and encourage others: if some things don’t happen to us, more people might not be able to look at our own lives and gain strength or motivation to face the challenges in their own lives.

Everything that happens in your life matters: your life has a lot of significance: Each person has the power to make a great story out of their life if they start to see difficulties as opportunities

Value whatever is happening in your life now; no matter how difficult it is, it is important. Make the most of your life right now instead of waiting for the right opportunity. Do not concentrate on what you’ve ended up achieving when your life doesn’t look like how you planned it to be.

Many people have had disappointments, setbacks, and unexpected surprises that have disrupted the way they thought life should be. Many people have been in situations where they thought their life was messed up, and lacked purpose or meaningfulness.

The difference between people who have achieved something remarkable, and people who haven’t, has more to do with mindset and less to do with the circumstances or negative situations. Although it is true that we might not be able to control what life throws at us, we can actually control how we react to what life throws at us.

The better we learn how to react to what life throws at us, the more we will be able to achieve a life that could be more meaningful life than any plan would ever attract to us. In order to achieve a more meaningful life, we have to let go of what could have been; we have to let go of what we think we deserve; we have to embrace what we have in the moment because can lead us to something better than we could ever have imagined.


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