How to lose weight fast by thinking thin

Contrary to what many people think, the foundation of success for any weight loss plan, program, or procedure starts in the brain, not outside of it. Many studies have shown that when certain people stick to a diet, it works; on the other hand, the same (or other types) diets don’t work on a long-term basis for other people.

Advances in psychological studies have proven that—like success—thoughts also govern the outcome of weight loss plans, programs, or procedures. Very experienced psychologists have succeeded in developing and applying mental strategies or tricks to help people who have not been successful at dieting or weight loss programs because of the type of passion and emotions they have for food.

Many people love to eat and find it difficult to say no to the type of rich foods and chocolaty desserts that usually end up harming a lot of people’s bodies. Many people are constantly faced with the temptation to watch the sorts of foods they eat, and the quantities they consume.

At the end of the day, many people end up being unsuccessful with the weight loss programs they once planned to adhere to. If such is your experience, then you may need to work with a psychotherapist, trained psychologist, or diet coach.

What is “thinking thin”?—The science of “thinking thin”

“As you think, so you are”—The Christian Bible. “Thinking thin” simply means having the mindset or mentality of someone whose weight is either thin, slim or just okay—not fat. “Being fat” depends a lot on how one thinks, feels, and handles everything associated with it.

The easiest way to lose weight fast is by thinking thin: you can think thin to lose weight

One’s psychology about weight will have an impact on how they go about gaining weight, maintaining weight, or losing weight. People who struggle to lose weight have a completely different mindset from those who are thin or slim, or just okay with their weight!

The people who enjoy food and eat it whenever they like, have a very different mentality from those who believe they have to consistently monitor what they eat, and control their food intake.

The mentality of thin people—people who “think thin”

Many studies have shown that thin people eat intuitively: they only eat when they are hungry, and they stop once their stomach is full. If thin people are not hungry, then they won’t eat. It’s as simple as that for them!

Those who succeed at thinking thin without any qualms are used to eating when their stomach feels somewhere between “slightly hungry” and “hungry”. Also, they usually don’t eat when their stomach is somewhere between “almost satisfied” and “full”.

On the other hand, people who struggle to control their weight and adhere to weight loss programs, usually force themselves to control what they eat—they consciously and consistently have to monitor what they eat.

Subconsciously or consciously, thin people can differentiate between “desire” and “real hunger”

When people who think thin see something that looks tasty, they first assess and check whether they are really hungry or not before taking a decision to eat. People who think thin don’t give into unnecessary cravings for food, especially excess of it.

People who think thin are able to easily resist the temptation to distract themselves from a diet or tolerate food cravings without giving in. Why? Because they are always perceptive to the obvious fact that—like hunger—food cravings will pass away with the passage of time!

Behind every change in behavior, there’s a lot of change in thinking: you can use the psychology of real weight loss to succeed in losing or controlling weight

If you are the type of person who finds it difficult to adhere to diets or weight loss programs—you struggle to control what you eat—then there is one very powerful thing you can do to turn everything around: “think like a thin people”, and use the psychology of real weight loss to succeed in losing or controlling weight.

In most cases when it’s difficult to change one’s mindset and start thinking like thin people, then that’s the perfect time to seek the help of a psychotherapist, trained psychologist, or diet coach.

A successful thinking thin program for you

Psychotherapists or trained psychologists have an understanding of weight loss that is different from what the majority of people believe. The experienced ones believe that weight loss doesn’t depend much on what people eat; they believe that it depends on why people eat, and how they eat.

A clear and complete understanding of the mindset of a thin person is crucial and can help anyone change how they handle or deal with food, and control the physical outlook of their body.

If you find it hard controlling your weight and how you eat, there is a highly recommendable program that can work for you the same way it has worked for two individuals I know.

By the time you finish the program, you will have the ability to start “thinking thin”, and both weight loss and control would look easy and natural—not genetic, or based on one’s fast rate of metabolism!

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Thinking thin will make you slim down and remain slim—use it to re-train your brain, and lose weight naturally

Are you fed up being unsuccessful with your weight loss battle? Would you like to get used to thinking the way slim people think—by “thinking thin”? Always remember that you have the same willpower that “thinking-thin” people have, even though it seems unfair that you can’t control your weight or how you eat at the moment.

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7. There is magic in positive thinking—always think positively!

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14. The everlasting generosity of GOD, the universe, or Mother Nature

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Thanks a lot for your continuous support and endless motivation.


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