Why you always have the ability to develop new insights & change your state of mind for the better

If you were to move around and ask hundreds of people how long they haven’t been happy, you’d get dozens of different answers that would either fall into the basket of happiness, or the basket of unhappiness.

With the level of hardship and sorrows in today’s world, it won’t be surprising to get answers such as: “I haven’t been unhappy for a whole month”, or “I haven’t been unhappy for three months”, “I haven’t been happy for six months”, etc., etc., etc.

If you go a bit further and ask the same people (who claimed not to be happy for a long period of time) if they literally meant what they said, you’d be surprised to hear that they’ve had some happy moments in between the time period they earlier claimed not to be happy.

Our states of mind are temporary—thoughts are the most powerful assets we have at our disposal

The way each person thinks at any moment in time can have a profound impact on their reasoning and the type of reaction or answer(s) they would give if they are asked questions.

The predominant thought at the moment could make you say things that are literally untrue if you look deeper than the moment. If each person makes a bold decision and selects their thoughts, they can always develop new insights at any time and change their state of mind for the better.

What has most often been overlooked is the obvious fact that our predominant thoughts at the moment—conscious or subconscious—are the same ones that manipulate our experiences and lives from behind the scenes.

A clear mind will help you develop new insights, depending on your area(s) of interest in life

Naturally, regardless of the predominant thought (positive or negative) that you hold in your mind at a particular moment, it takes a few seconds before another one comes in—and as always—a new one, depending on your state of mind at the moment.

The truth of the matter is that our thoughts change all the time, and it possible for us to have between hundreds of thoughts, and thousands of thoughts per day.

Also, we pay more attention to some thoughts than others which we might only give a few seconds of our concentration; this depends on what we are thinking about at a moment in time, and our ability to control our minds from the unceasing trend of endless thoughts that usually float around without restriction.

The more you leave those thoughts alone—especially negative ones—the clearer and healthier your thinking will be

It’s very true that thoughts can make someone age quicker, or look rejuvenated and more youthful. Because thoughts have a strong effect on the body, it would do us much good if we concentrate on new insights that consist of positive thoughts.

It’s quite okay to feel frustrated; however, feelings of frustration—which can be discarded if we make up our minds—always come as a result of the way we think regarding a situation, person, or thing.

Each person can always trace the reason behind their feelings—developing new insights can change the way we feel at the moment

Every conscious individual has a personal feedback system that can provide insight on why a certain feeling occupies their mind; this insight can always be accessed—it is always available!

The most successful people failed many times over, but found always found ways to develop new insight(s) and move forward ever, backward never.

Always remember—never forget—that you always have the ability to develop new insights and change your state of mind for the better.

(Featured Image Credit: Pixabay.com.)


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