Whenever things become too difficult, just let them be—but whenever you can, don’t let things remain undone

Anyone who studies the events in history and around the world, would likely agree that when important things are left undone, they can slowly and abruptly lead to chaos.

But actually, how many things do we have the ability to get done? Not too many! We are only human and very much incapable of stretching ourselves beyond certain limits.

For example, we cannot do much to prevent the disaster handed out to some nations by the natural actions of tsunamis and earthquakes; neither can we do much to prevent the catastrophic actions of floods.

On the other hand, there are far too many things we can get done compared to the fewer things we can’t do—and that’s where our actions are needed in order to prevent future disorder and chaos.

When certain things overpower you, just let them be, and handover your concern to the highest power—GOD, or Mother Nature

When people cannot control or prevent a tsunami or earthquake from causing disasters, what usually happens? They either run away, or just let things be! Whenever you reach a point where you have to let things be, nature will do what is does, regardless of whether we take the result or aftermath in good faith, or bad faith.

When we leave many things (that are beyond our control) in the hands of the higher power, they usually become irreversible, but still turn into something more purposeful in the hands of the higher power—this is something that human beings cannot see on a short term.

For example, when people, plants and animals die, and there are cries here and there, no one sees a greater purpose thousands of years later when the same dead human, animal and plant bodies decay and turn into fossil fuel that will be used by future inhabitants of the same Earth that experienced death.

The point here isn’t to discourage people from crying for their love ones who have passed; rather, it is to enlighten people and encourage them to look far beyond their own physical existence and concerns!

Human beings and all living things are usually subjected to stresses that are beyond their limits—stresses that can make them leave things undone!

Oftentimes people go to great lengths or extents just to avoid or get away from pressure and stresses; on the other hand, embracing challenges will help you grow and depend more on the higher power; it will help you get used to the higher power which values life beyond this world (and everlasting life) much more than it values this short earthly life.

On the journey of eternal life, you must accept pressure and the obvious fact that there will always be things beyond your power to do—that’s when the higher power completely takes over!

For many successful people, the more they see their success in sight, the more productivity they maintain until the D-day! However, if they carried away by pressure and challenges without viewing things from GOD’s angle, they might fail to see any eternal lessons that can be learned!

A popular twentieth century philosopher, Buckminster Fuller, once stated: “You will never be given a task that you cannot handle…Your reward in life for learning the lesson is a bigger lesson”—you learn the bigger lessons of our future eternal life by learning the smaller lessons of this present short earthly life!

The phrase, “no pain, no gain” has much greater significance in the spiritual or eternal aspect of life than it does in the physical world, but many people don’t seem to be aware of it!

(Featured Image Credit: Pixabay.com.)


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