We all think a bit negatively but positive thinkers know how to win their personal debates against negativity

The battle of the mind—or the battle between negative and positive thoughts—is something that will continue to go on and on as long as human life continues existing on this Earth.

No matter how optimistic a person might be, times and circumstances could arise and make someone think a bit negatively about something which they had previously thought positively about.

Positivity or optimism could dwindle: we all do a little bit of negative thinking at times!

However, the difference between a person who is “majorly optimistic” and someone who is “majorly pessimistic” is that the majorly optimistic person knows how to win their personal debates over negativity

Predominant positive thinkers always gauge their optimism and practice how to win their personal debates over negative thoughts. We can all do the same in our respective inner battles against negativity or negative thinking.

You can learn how to be optimistic, or cultivate optimism

Whenever you observe that you are worrying or thinking negatively about an issue, the first thing you have to realize is that negative or pessimistic thoughts are beginning to take control of your mind.

And if you hope to get any control over pessimistic thoughts, then you must admit that they are less helpful and less effective than optimistic thoughts or positive thinking.

Once you accept the power of thinking positively, then you are well on the way to developing the ability or faith to destroy the strongholds of pessimism or negative thinking.

Your pessimism carries a gift inside it because once you can win debates over pessimism or negative thoughts, then you automatically become a true victor in the real sense.

If we practice how to win the debate over negative thoughts, a lot of ideas will start to come into our minds and convince us why we don’t need to unconsciously follow the path of pessimism.

The following motivational articles provide very important insight on how to strengthen positive thinking:

How to deal with incompetence: choose faith, cheerfulness & optimism, instead of doubt & fear

How faith comes, grows, and increasingly becomes stronger!

Failure is never a good enough reason to stop trying; it provides another chance to experience success

How to develop strong faith

Free book on the topic of faith (in detail)

Download my self-published book on Amazon for free: Real Faith that can Deeply Inspire you Forever (PDF). On the other hand, you may decide to read the digital (Kindle) version on Amazon for free if you are a registered member of Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

Note that hardcover copies of the book are also available, and can be purchased here. In case you meet up with Amazon’s requirements for giving reviews, kindly give your best possible review by using the “customer reviews” button at the bottom of a web page that can be accessed via the link in the previous paragraph.

This new book can boost your faith, positivity, and outlook on life. The chapters in the book include the following:

1. Faith: the superpower that materializes desires & gives new life to dying ambitions

  • The shield of faith
  • Developing the shield of faith

2. Faith: still strong enough to alter today’s facts

3. Your outcome in life is determined by what you believe in: faith or fact

4. The reality of invisible worlds & life: physical & spiritual

  • Evidences of invisible life
  • The reality of the spiritual world, & life after death

5. How to develop strong faith

  • Definition of faith
  • How strong faith can be developed
  • Certain things that can affect faith

6. How to influence your mind to attract your desires and a glorious afterlife

  • Have a good intention to acquire what you desire
  • Decide what you want
  • Give unto others so that it will be easier for you to receive
  • Make it a habit to always practice visualizing what you want

7. There is magic in positive thinking—always think positively!

  • If positive thinking is effective, why can’t everybody do it?
  • Is there evidence that positive thinking is effective?

8. Past events that disproved the impossible: one person’s impossibility is another person’s possibility

  • Past events that illustrate how people who studied the impossible changed the course of the world
  • The New York Times
  • Nineteenth-century chemists
  • Lord Kelvin
  • Albert Einstein
  • Stephen Hawking

9. Prophets of technology, or Prophets of GOD?

  • Two great visionaries
  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Jules Verne
  • Were they prophets of technology, or prophets of GOD.

10. How to turn defeat into victory by experimenting with different things

  • Look away from defeat at the bottom of the ladder, and towards victory at the top of the ladder
  • Everyone who truly turned defeat into victory encountered and responded to one form of defeat or another
  • Although it is barely impossible to succeed without encountering hardship and opposition, it is possible to use hardship to move forward and upward ever
  • The lesson is this: gain or salvage something valuable from every situation—good or bad
  • Instead of blaming people or bad luck, look at challenges or setbacks and learn from them

11. The fight of faith: why give up when the time comes to fight this important battle?

  • Despite our knowledge about positivity, why do many of us lose the battle of faith?
  • So how can we acquire faith?

12. The importance of protecting your unlimited potential: a look at some unlimited potential achievements & quotes

  • But what is the meaning of unlimited potential?
  • Some of the greatest unlimited potential achievements in history
  • Some popular and inspiring quotes on unlimited potential & possibilities

13. The universality of GOD’s power

  • GOD’s power is so universal, it can be found in the smallest and mightiest deeds in creation
  • The universality of GOD’s power also reaches the deepest part of the human spirit
  • The universality of GOD’s power makes it possible for GOD to be contacted from anywhere in the universe—anywhere!

14. The everlasting generosity of GOD, the universe, or Mother Nature

  • The generosity of GOD seems to be a law in the universe! Why? Because it can be seen everywhere

Please share this post and information about the book; it can really boost someone’s faith, positivity, and outlook about life.

Thank you!


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